radiohead free live dvd

August 31, 2010

Are Radiohead the greatest band of our generation? Possibly! First they gave us a free album, now they have given us a free DVD.

Back on August 23rd, 2009 at a show in Prague, 50 fans filmed the concert from 50 different positions in the crowd. The footage has since been professionally edited with professional show audio. This is a Radiohead concert DVD shot by fans, for fans.

Download the DVD here (fo’ free): Radiohead live in Prague

You can watch a trailer for it below:



from the mouth of james murphy himself, the new lcd soundsystem album is finished and due to be released on may the 18th thorugh dfa records. james also confirmed that there will be 9 songs spanning over an hour at 65 minutes and that the songs will be more adventurous and have more guitar/synths and melodies.

‘drunk girls’ and ‘change’ are being considered as the first single by the head honchos.


01. dance yrself clean
02. drunk girls
03. one touch
04. all i want
05. change
06. hit
07. pow pow
08. somebody’s calling me
09. what you need

below are some brief “making of” video’s that the band have been releasing. the video’s show the band at work recording the album and just them fooling around, there are also some clips of music.


vampire weekend live + news

October 23, 2009


yes, agian, more vampire weekend information. so anyway they have announced that they will be releasing a second single off their up and coming album contra, the track will be called ‘cousins’.

the single will be released on the 17th of november digitally and on the 15th of december on 7 inch.

the single’s a-side is the contra track ‘cousins’, and the b-side is ‘california english pt. 2’. the contra tracklist includes a song called ‘california english’.


since the song is not yet released here is a video of them preforming it live for mtv canada:



i was recently informed by a mate about a new festival coming to nz called laneway festival. with the first line-up already announced this looks like its going to be epic!

first line-up:
echo and the bunnymen
the 3ds
florence and the machine
the xx
black lips
dirty three
cut off your hamds
dear time’s waste
the family cactus

with this summer already jam packed full with amazing acts this is just the cherry on top.

the festival will be on the 1st of february at aucklands britomart square.

tickets are sadly $99.75 + charges, i will somehow hopefully find a way of attending

find out more here

the xx – basic space:

florence and the machine – youve got the love:

cut off your hands – still fond:


news fall be kind ep

October 13, 2009


animal collective seem to be at the climax of their success, both creatively and commercially to the audience. merriweather post pavillion is getting better and better with each listen, but we want to hear something new from them.

here is an interview with avey tare of animal collective about the up and coming fall be kind ep.

“the title fall be kind is kind of a play on “fall behind,” when you move the clocks back. everything seems to be very seasonal or weather-oriented for us this year. I wanted to keep it a little bit in line with that. It felt like merriweather post pavilion was really springy or summery.”

avery tare revealed that the five-track ep fall be kind will be released in december, while a digital release might be released earlier in november. it’s first single is ‘brothersport’, which happens to not be in the ep.

“initially, the idea was to do this ‘brothersport’ ep and then have all these other tracks on that. but the way that promotion for records goes, we wanted these other songs to be their own thing. the ep stands on its own away from merriweather. not that it’s completely different– i mean, it definitely sounds like it’s us, the same band that did merriweather. but I think putting ‘brothersport’ on that ep, with the way our label promotes things, it would have just seemed more like the ‘brothersport’ single with a bunch of b-sides.”

1. graze
2. what would i want? sky
3. bleed
4. on a highway
5. i think i can

what would i want? sky



new thom yorke & band

October 10, 2009


so i realise im late on this news as its been out all week but its just been one of those weeks, sorry. um so thom yorke has joined up with the red hot chili peppers bassist flea, radiohead producer nigel godrich, beck/r.e.m. drummer joey waronker, and percussionist/multi-instrumentalist mauro refosco of forro in the dark.

this “band” has been playing low key shows in small clubs on friday nights for public dress rehearsals.

yorke played his entire 2006 solo album, the eraser, along with some alternative takes on radiohead songs and premiered four new songs, which he performed completely unaccompanied. (‘open the floodgates’, ‘lotus flower’, ‘skirting on the surface’, and ‘judge, jury, & executioner’).

with new radiohead and thom’s solo songs being released left right and centre thom yorke must be one of the music businesses busiest men (not to mention one of the few musical geniuses around today.

01 the eraser
02 analyze
03 the clock
04 black swan
05 skip divided
06 atoms for peace
07 and it rained all night
08 harrowdown hill
09 cymbal rush
(thom solo)
10 open the floodgates [new]
11 lotus flower [new]
12 skirting on the surface [new]
13 paperbag writer
14 judge, jury, & executioner [new]
15 the hollow earth
16 feeling pulled apart by horses

judge, jury & executioner:

the hollow earth:

harrowdown hill

harrowdown hill

paperbag writer



animal collective have just announced a 10′ single release for ‘brothersport’, and there are rumors flying about a december ep as well called fall be kind.

the single will have the b-side ‘bleeding’ which was known live as ‘bleed’.

no one knows what will be on fall be kind for sure, but some people are guessing ‘grace’ and ‘what would i want sky’ along with some others new songs.

its listed to come out on december 8th!!

heres one of ac’s classics and possibly my favourite song by them, ‘did you see the words’:


vampire weekend countdown??

October 4, 2009

go to and you will get a countdown for something. what is vampire weekend counting down for? a possible release of the first single?

i guess we will find out soon.



2009 has given us blood bank, a new track on the dark was the night compilation, and now bon iver front man justin vernon has a new side-project by the name of volcano choir.

heres an amazing single which makes you remember the first time you ever heard bon iver:

island, is


lotus plaza live 22/09/09

September 23, 2009


lotus plaza is the solo project of deerhunters lockett pundt. his debut lp, entitled the floodlight collective, was released on march 23, 2009. theres not too much information about him sifting on the net at this point, so heres his 43 minute live set:

lotus plaza – live at eyedrum atl sept 22, 2009

direct from the mixing desk courtesy of nathan brown & robby kee.


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