Below is the video for Muscles’ new single, ‘Girls Crazy Go’.

Shot on location in Tokyo by Beaufort and starring a stack of young ladies being let loose in the neon city. This video is a perfect introduction to Muscle’s forthcoming EP, ‘Younger & Immature’ which is set to be released in October under Modular records.

The video portrays the song perfectly with an odd ending?? Don’t know, whatever, it’s a fun video and I look forward to the EP.



new the drums video

May 24, 2010

i have only recently discovered the drums and it was only because they are the opening band for the up and coming florence + the machine concert in auckland, new zealand. form what i’ve heard i have liked (only listened to their summertime! ep), they are a poppy sounding “surf” band. i’m really looking forward to seeing them in about a month, it’s a good little bonus to what will be an amazing show. i feel they are creating a sound that surfer blood set out to do.

below is the new video by the band called ‘forever and ever amen’. the video reminds me of an old 70’s style movie, not too much happens in the video but it’s fun and goes well with the beat of the song nicely. this song is off their soon to be released album it will all end in tears.


booka shade, are simple but effective electronic music. below is the new video for ‘bad love’ from their latest album more!. this video is cool, all it is, is random night scenes with a spotlight scanning the areas. not too much happens in it but it fits the beat nicely. oh and how freakin sweet is the way the lights at the end come together to create the booka shade logo. if you haven’t yet checked out booka’s latest album (or any of their albums) do so, now!

heres ‘bad love’:

ratatat have “cracked it”, they have managed to make enjoyable electro music with a synth, electric guitar and minimal lyrics. anyway below is the brand new video for ‘party with children’ from their latest album lp4. the video is, well, different. To be honest, nothing happens in it the whole time it’s just a bird sitting there doing it’s thing. I feel ratatat could have put a little bit more effort into their first new single’s music video. bah whatever, each to their own i spose.

heres ‘party with children’:


late of the pier’s – ‘best in the class’ will be released on the 1st march 2010 through phantasy sound. it’s coming out as a double a side to pair with ‘blueberry’ on limited edition coloured vinyl (500 copies)…and digitally as well.

here are both videos to give everyone a preview of the songs. both videos are very fast moving and can make you dizzy at times, i recommend not viewing either video while hungover.

late of the pier – blueberry

late of the pier – best in the class:


so here it is the new video of ‘skeletons’ from the yeah yeah yeah’s third studio album, it’s blitz. it’s a very creepy video with some cool effects. the yeah yeah yeah’s always seem to have amazing videos, each one completely different from the last.

yeah yeah yeah’s – skeletons video


at last, another vampire weekend song which isnt some kind of bootleg live recording. below is the second single off their up and coming album contra as well as the music video to go along with it.

the song is a fast paced ball of energy with speedy guitar riffs and a pounding drum in the background. this song will get you off your seat.

the video, like the song is very fast with the band getting pulled backwards and forwards on a simple pulley system down a back alley. vampire weekend always finds something that entertains all audiences! it is simple but effective.

i now see where the single album cover has come from.

vampire weekend – cousins


animal collective have recently released a new 10″ for ‘brother sport’. the 10″ features two tracks, brother sport and bleeding (live from big sur). the live version of bleeding is extended to almost 10 minutes and breaks down into weird sounds and echoing layered vocals from avery and panda bear.

01. brother sport
02. bleeding (live from big sur)

animal collective – brother sport ep

also heres the new video for one of my favourite tracks off their latest album merriweather post pavilion, ‘in the flowers’. this video is very trippy with includes a lot of dancers with horrible makeup and obviously, flowers.

in my opinion its not the best video that animal collective have released but is amazing in its own right (if you want a super sweet animal collective music video check out peacebone).

the video was directed by abby portner.

watch it below:


grizzly bear video

November 9, 2009


grizzly bear have recently released a new video to their song ‘ready, able’ off their latest album veckatimest.

this video is amazing!

it features very well done and very weird claymation in a forest.

the video was directed by allison schulnik.


vampire weekend live + news

October 23, 2009


yes, agian, more vampire weekend information. so anyway they have announced that they will be releasing a second single off their up and coming album contra, the track will be called ‘cousins’.

the single will be released on the 17th of november digitally and on the 15th of december on 7 inch.

the single’s a-side is the contra track ‘cousins’, and the b-side is ‘california english pt. 2’. the contra tracklist includes a song called ‘california english’.


since the song is not yet released here is a video of them preforming it live for mtv canada:



with peaches confirmed to be gracing new zealand shores again for the 2010 big day out, i thought it was only necessary that i post something about her and what better than a new video from her. heres the title track from her new studio album i feel cream.

the video looks like she’s breaking through the fifth dimension.

by the way, it’s not your eyes. the aspect ratio is kinda funky on the video. will replace when a better copy is uploaded.


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