LCD Soundsystem could’ve spent the week after they played the Glastonbury Festival kicking their feet up. Instead, they holed up in a London studio to record the live-in-studio LP The London Sessions.

This album has it all, songs ranging from This is Happening all the way down to their self titled album, LCD Soundsystem.

Even though they basically make electronic dance music, LCD refuse to replicate any of their sounds with computers; you won’t see a laptop onstage with them. Instead, they bash things out the hard way. James Murphy, as I’ve previously stated is “the man”, it will be sad to see this great project come to an end but all is not lost as Murphy will carry on producing and remixing other amazing bands.

The digital release November 9 via DFA/Virgin. This LP will be exclusively available through iTunes until December 6.

01. us v them
02. all i want
03. drunk girls
04. get innocuous
05. daft punk is playing at my house
06. all my friends
07. pow pow
08. i can change
09. yr city’s a sucker

lcd soundsystem – the london sessions



radiohead free live dvd

August 31, 2010

Are Radiohead the greatest band of our generation? Possibly! First they gave us a free album, now they have given us a free DVD.

Back on August 23rd, 2009 at a show in Prague, 50 fans filmed the concert from 50 different positions in the crowd. The footage has since been professionally edited with professional show audio. This is a Radiohead concert DVD shot by fans, for fans.

Download the DVD here (fo’ free): Radiohead live in Prague

You can watch a trailer for it below:


So I have found a couple more live ep’s from the iTunes festival. enjoy!

bombay bicycle club

01. my god
02. ivy & gold
03. the giantess / emergency contraception blues
04. cancel on me
05. autumn
06. evening / morning
07. always like this

bombay bicycle club – itunes festival 2010

florence + the machine

01. ghosts
02. drumming song
03. girl with one eye
04. rabbit heart (raise it up)
05. cosmic love
06. between two lungs

florence + the machine – itunes festival 2010


01. lisztomania
02. lasso
03. fences
04. countdown
05. rome
06. 1901

phoenix – itunes festival 2010

two door cinema club

01. cigarettes in the theatre
02. undercover martyn
03. do you want it all?
04. eat that up, it’s good for you
05. this is the life
06. something good can work
07. i can talk
08.What You Know

two door cinema club – itunes festival 2010


The iTunes Festival is back for 2010. After last year the feedback was so great the festival returned, this time at Camden’s Roundhouse in London. They invited more than 60 artists to perform 31 consecutive nights of brilliant live music in the UK’s best intimate venue. Every show was recorded and made available on iTunes.

The line-up included the years’ most exciting pop, metal, dance, jazz and opera stars including Scissor Sisters, Faithless, Ozzy Osbourne, Biffy Clyro, Paloma Faith and Rolando Villazon.

Below are some of the artists’ live ep’s that I prefer.

the drums

01. best friend
02. submarine
03. me and the moon
04. book of stories
05. let’s go surfing
06. don’t be a jerk, johnny
07. i need fun in my life
08. forever and ever amen

the drums – itunes festival 2010


01. total life forever
02. miami
03. balloons
04. alabaster
05. electric bloom
06. two steps twice

foals – itunes festival 2010

wild beasts

01. all the king’s men
02. we still got the taste dancin’ on our tongues
03. two dancers
04. please, sir
05. the devil’s crayon
06. hooting & howling

wild beasts – itunes festival 2010

the xx

01. intro
02. crystalised
03. islands
04. shelter
05. do you mind?
06. night time

the xx – itunes festival 2010


phoenix stopped by germany’s musikexpress to perform live & unplugged renditions of wolfgang amadeus phoenix favorites – ‘1901’ and ‘lisztomania’, as well as this bob dylan cover.

phoenix take bob dylan’s song ‘sad-eye lady of the lowlands’ and cut it from 11 minutes to a digestible 4 minutes, the song features only frontman thomas mars’ vocals and a strumming guitar.

phoenix – sad-eyed lady of the lowlands (bob dylan cover)

or heres the whole album: phoenix – live & unplugged

01. 1901 (unplugged)
02. everything is everything (unplugged)
03. lisztomania (unplugged)
04. long distance call (unplugged)
05. love for granted (unplugged)
06. one time too many (unplugged)
07. armistice (unplugged)
08. sad-eyed lady of the lowlands – bob dylan cover (unplugged)


vampire weekend seem to be popping up all over the show as of lately. below is a live version of ‘california english’ yet another song off their up and coming album contra.

the quality isn’t the best and its just a bootleg copy.

the song is very up beat and sounds a lot different from everything we’ve heard from vampire weekend.

vampire weekend – california english (live)


pixies live

November 10, 2009


like ive said previously the pixies are coming in march next year and i couldnt be more excited.

ive checked out some of their recent live videos and sure they dont sound quite as good as they used to, but fuck it, its the pixies i probably wont have the chance of seeing them again. right?

the world tour that they are doing is to celebrate their album doolittles 20th anniversary. to also celebrate they have released a 4 song ep with live tracks.

01. dancing the mantra ray
02. monkey gone to heaven
03. crackity jones
04. gouge away

i havent yet checked them out but here are links to them, stream the links here or go to the pixies website here and download the ep for FREE!

pixies – dancing the manta ray (live in paris 2009)

pixies – monkey gone to heaven (live in paris 2009)

pixies – crackity jones (live in paris 2009)

pixies – gouge away (live in paris 2009)

also here they are preforming here comes your man live on the conan o’brien show last week (06/11/09).


vampire weekend live + news

October 23, 2009


yes, agian, more vampire weekend information. so anyway they have announced that they will be releasing a second single off their up and coming album contra, the track will be called ‘cousins’.

the single will be released on the 17th of november digitally and on the 15th of december on 7 inch.

the single’s a-side is the contra track ‘cousins’, and the b-side is ‘california english pt. 2’. the contra tracklist includes a song called ‘california english’.


since the song is not yet released here is a video of them preforming it live for mtv canada:



mgmt has a new album in the pipelines called congratulations due to be released early 2010 and that is about all we know about it at this point.

they have however been preforming a few of their new tracks at their live shows especially the title track ‘congratulations’, which is a more slower and pretty dark, although as andrew vanwyngarden of mgmt explains “I don’t think it sounds dark at all!”




vampire weekend played their new song ‘horchata’ live at their toronto show on the 8th of october. the quality of the video isnt too good but they sound amazing.


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