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November 10, 2009


like ive said previously the pixies are coming in march next year and i couldnt be more excited.

ive checked out some of their recent live videos and sure they dont sound quite as good as they used to, but fuck it, its the pixies i probably wont have the chance of seeing them again. right?

the world tour that they are doing is to celebrate their album doolittles 20th anniversary. to also celebrate they have released a 4 song ep with live tracks.

01. dancing the mantra ray
02. monkey gone to heaven
03. crackity jones
04. gouge away

i havent yet checked them out but here are links to them, stream the links here or go to the pixies website here and download the ep for FREE!

pixies – dancing the manta ray (live in paris 2009)

pixies – monkey gone to heaven (live in paris 2009)

pixies – crackity jones (live in paris 2009)

pixies – gouge away (live in paris 2009)

also here they are preforming here comes your man live on the conan o’brien show last week (06/11/09).



1. the pixies – doolittle

with the pixies concert coming up (next march) i wanted to be all ready for everything they throw at me and seeing as they have announced that they will be playing the entire doolittle album to celebrate its 20th anniversary then by giving this a good listen i should be well on my way. i was never the biggest pixies fan knowing only a handful of tracks including ‘alec eiffel’ ‘gouge away’ and ‘where is my mind?’ but since listening to them here and there for over the last two years my appreciation for them has grown hugely and without a doubt doolittle is their best album so words cant express how much im looking forward to this concert.

2. the mint chicks – screens
screens cover

i was always a big fan of the mint chicks from the time they started by owning their early eps (octagon, octagon, octagon. and anti tiger) but as ive aged and the band has progressed i found myself slowly listening to them less and less which is why it took me so long to get my hands on their latest album screens and i have to say that this album has blown me away, its great, they havent changed one bit, oh well maybe got a little more poppy but nothing too drastic. all im saying is if youve ever heard a track by the mint chicks from any one of their albums and liked it you will love this album. check it out.

3. metronomy! – nights out

with their concert being last week, the one that i dont remember too much from, ive been playing their album nights out over and over to see if any track triggers some memories, sadly im having no luck. although this isnt a bad thing as im still loving the album which is rare for me, usually when i rape an album i dont touch it again for months sometimes years. if your still not sure of metronomy! just listen to the tracks ‘heartbreaker’ ‘radio ladio’ and ‘back on the motorway’ a few more times and that should do the trick.

4. the velvet underground – the velvet underground & nico

a classic and probably one the best names for a band EVER (yep capitals)! i realise that these albums arnt on the “new kids on the block” rack in the music store but im not always going to be listening to the new stuff. its always good to go back and listen to older bands once in awhile and thats what i did this year with the velvet underground. they are amazing! in my opinion one of the best american bands for their generation (because lets face it in that era the british were killin it). this is the type of music you can just listen to and drift off because thats just what they were doing while writing the songs. gold! my favourite tracks include ‘all tomorrows parties’, ‘im waiting for the man’, ‘heroin’ and ‘venus in furs’.


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