So I have found a couple more live ep’s from the iTunes festival. enjoy!

bombay bicycle club

01. my god
02. ivy & gold
03. the giantess / emergency contraception blues
04. cancel on me
05. autumn
06. evening / morning
07. always like this

bombay bicycle club – itunes festival 2010

florence + the machine

01. ghosts
02. drumming song
03. girl with one eye
04. rabbit heart (raise it up)
05. cosmic love
06. between two lungs

florence + the machine – itunes festival 2010


01. lisztomania
02. lasso
03. fences
04. countdown
05. rome
06. 1901

phoenix – itunes festival 2010

two door cinema club

01. cigarettes in the theatre
02. undercover martyn
03. do you want it all?
04. eat that up, it’s good for you
05. this is the life
06. something good can work
07. i can talk
08.What You Know

two door cinema club – itunes festival 2010



phoenix stopped by germany’s musikexpress to perform live & unplugged renditions of wolfgang amadeus phoenix favorites – ‘1901’ and ‘lisztomania’, as well as this bob dylan cover.

phoenix take bob dylan’s song ‘sad-eye lady of the lowlands’ and cut it from 11 minutes to a digestible 4 minutes, the song features only frontman thomas mars’ vocals and a strumming guitar.

phoenix – sad-eyed lady of the lowlands (bob dylan cover)

or heres the whole album: phoenix – live & unplugged

01. 1901 (unplugged)
02. everything is everything (unplugged)
03. lisztomania (unplugged)
04. long distance call (unplugged)
05. love for granted (unplugged)
06. one time too many (unplugged)
07. armistice (unplugged)
08. sad-eyed lady of the lowlands – bob dylan cover (unplugged)



wolfgang amadeus phoenix is without a doubt the album to remix, with artists such as animal collective, passion pit, friendly fires and now yacht all having a track on the new remix album.

yacht chose to remix the track ‘armistice’. i think of a good remix as one that betters the original, or one that takes it in a different and good direction, but sadly although these remixes that have been released so far are very good i dont think any top the originals.

the remix is quite tame, compared to some of the chaos that went down on yacht’s see mystery lights but the mid-tempo bleeps and slabs of synth fit the aesthetic of ‘armistice’ like a glove. i’m still chalking this one up as a victory for yacht, as well as phoenix for continuing to prove to be the most remix-friendly act of 2009.

phoenix – armistice (yacht remix)



this is the shuttle remix, by passion pit’s drummer nate.

phoenix wrote this on their blog:

“our good friend shuttle sent us this fantastic remix of ‘love like a sunset’ and we’d like to share it with all of you. As well as releasing records as shuttle, he also plays drums in passion it as nate! his new album will be out later this year”.

he really did something cool with this remix. he made this track really danceable! there usually are a bunch of crap remix’s out there, but these latest phoenix ones have been absolute gems. although personally i still like the phoenix original better but each to their own i guess.

phoenix – love like a sunset (passion pit’s shuttle remix)



phoenix’s album wolfgang amadeus phoenix has been entirely remixed. the remix album will be released in conjunction with wolfgang amadeus phoenix in a 2CD set out october 19th. this is just one of the remixes which will be on it, ‘love like a sunset’ by animal collective.

phoenix – love like a sunset (animal collective remix)


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