grizzly bear video

November 9, 2009


grizzly bear have recently released a new video to their song ‘ready, able’ off their latest album veckatimest.

this video is amazing!

it features very well done and very weird claymation in a forest.

the video was directed by allison schulnik.



grizzly bear live

October 15, 2009


grizzly bear performed ‘two weeks’ with victoria legrand of beach house the other night on conan. watch it below!


i dont know why im posting about this. in no way am i supporting the rubbish books / films (i just had to get that out). there is also no image for this post cos i dont want some sappy vampires on my page

the only reason i am posting is because of the artists which are featured on the soundtrack. check it out, theres a whole cd with all great artists for this time.

i havent had a chance to listen to the whole thing yet but i will let you know what i think once i have.

1. death cab for cutie, “meet me on the equinox”
2. band of skulls, “friends”
3. thom yorke, “hearing damage”
4. lykke li, “possibility”
5. the killers, “a white demon love song”
6. anya marina, “satellite heart”
7. muse, “i belong to you (new moon)”
8. bon iver & st. vincent, “roslyn”
9. black rebel motorcycle club, “done all wrong”
10. hurricane bells, “monsters”
11. sea wolf, “the violet hour”
12. ok go, “shooting the moon”
13. grizzly bear, “slow life”
14. editors, “no sound but the wind”
15. alexandre desplat, “new moon (the meadow)”

twilight saga: new moon ost



with new moon on its way (the second installment of the twilight series), the soundtrack is shaping up to be a lot better than the movie with songs by vampire weekend, thom yorke, grizzly bear, death cab for cutie, lykke li and bon iver. this is a little sneak at the track by grizzly bear and victoria legrand from beach house recorded live at a concert recently. heres ‘slow life’.


all of these albums are worthy of being in the best of 2009 list:

1. grizzly bear – veckatimest
grizzly bear - veckatimest

after listening to veckatimest casually as background music for the last couple of months i never thought i would end up with such a huge love for grizzly bear. to be honest i have a kinda band crush on them at the moment and have acquired all of their back catalogue. this album is by far one of the best of the year, its up there with animal collectives merriweather post pavilion and yeah yeah yeahs its blitz.

2. the xx – xx
the xx - xx

the xx are one of the fastest bands to climb my ladder, within a week of listening to them they had around 70 plays (which is pretty decent, i dont like to listen to albums too much or else i get sick of them fast). from what i gather they are four 20 year olds who didnt expect the hype that they have received.

3. yacht – see mystery lights
yacht - see mystery lights

see mystery lights is yachts first album produced under dfa records (fourth album in total) and by far their best. after having ‘i believe in you. your magic is real’ on my ipod for so long i decided to give it a listen and immediately liked what i heard which lead to the discovery of ‘see mystery lights’ which has now got me hooked, im a yacht fan.

4. the antlers – hospice
the antlers - hospice

hospice is the third studio album by the antlers and the only one ive heard, if the older releases are as good as this album i will be tracking them down. they sound like a grizzly bear, arcade fire, family cactus mash up with a lot of emotion. tracks such as ‘bear’ and ‘two’ are current favourites.

if you havent already listened to one or all of these albums do so, now.


grizzly bear have had their ‘two weeks’ video out for awhile but now gabe askew a media artist from orange county, ca has released his own version

grizzly bear version:

gabe askew version:


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