so here it is the ep that everyone’s been waiting for, the ep that pitchfork gave 8.9 out of 10, heres animal collectives fall be kind ep.

sorry but ive had this ep for the last week at least, ive just been too lazy to post about it.

i feel the ep has to have a couple of listens to get into. ‘what would i want, sky?’ is clearly the stand out track of the bunch with pitchfork giving it a perfect 10/10, personally i wouldnt rate it that high but it is some of their best work, very easy to listen to and extremely easy to get into.

with everyone coming along to the auckland show next week you have a little over a week to download, listen, learn and love these tracks.

animal collective – fall be kind ep

(oh could someone let me know if this rapidshare checks out as i got it off another one, cheers)
so if you download the above file just delete the .html of the file name so that it ends with .rar. should work sweet otherwise try this one out:

animal collective – fall be kind ep



animal collective have recently released a new 10″ for ‘brother sport’. the 10″ features two tracks, brother sport and bleeding (live from big sur). the live version of bleeding is extended to almost 10 minutes and breaks down into weird sounds and echoing layered vocals from avery and panda bear.

01. brother sport
02. bleeding (live from big sur)

animal collective – brother sport ep

also heres the new video for one of my favourite tracks off their latest album merriweather post pavilion, ‘in the flowers’. this video is very trippy with includes a lot of dancers with horrible makeup and obviously, flowers.

in my opinion its not the best video that animal collective have released but is amazing in its own right (if you want a super sweet animal collective music video check out peacebone).

the video was directed by abby portner.

watch it below:


news fall be kind ep

October 13, 2009


animal collective seem to be at the climax of their success, both creatively and commercially to the audience. merriweather post pavillion is getting better and better with each listen, but we want to hear something new from them.

here is an interview with avey tare of animal collective about the up and coming fall be kind ep.

“the title fall be kind is kind of a play on “fall behind,” when you move the clocks back. everything seems to be very seasonal or weather-oriented for us this year. I wanted to keep it a little bit in line with that. It felt like merriweather post pavilion was really springy or summery.”

avery tare revealed that the five-track ep fall be kind will be released in december, while a digital release might be released earlier in november. it’s first single is ‘brothersport’, which happens to not be in the ep.

“initially, the idea was to do this ‘brothersport’ ep and then have all these other tracks on that. but the way that promotion for records goes, we wanted these other songs to be their own thing. the ep stands on its own away from merriweather. not that it’s completely different– i mean, it definitely sounds like it’s us, the same band that did merriweather. but I think putting ‘brothersport’ on that ep, with the way our label promotes things, it would have just seemed more like the ‘brothersport’ single with a bunch of b-sides.”

1. graze
2. what would i want? sky
3. bleed
4. on a highway
5. i think i can

what would i want? sky




animal collective have just announced a 10′ single release for ‘brothersport’, and there are rumors flying about a december ep as well called fall be kind.

the single will have the b-side ‘bleeding’ which was known live as ‘bleed’.

no one knows what will be on fall be kind for sure, but some people are guessing ‘grace’ and ‘what would i want sky’ along with some others new songs.

its listed to come out on december 8th!!

heres one of ac’s classics and possibly my favourite song by them, ‘did you see the words’:



phoenix’s album wolfgang amadeus phoenix has been entirely remixed. the remix album will be released in conjunction with wolfgang amadeus phoenix in a 2CD set out october 19th. this is just one of the remixes which will be on it, ‘love like a sunset’ by animal collective.

phoenix – love like a sunset (animal collective remix)


1. the checks – alice by the moon

alice by the moon is the second studio by new zealand band the checks.

i was never a big fan of their first ablum entilted hunting whales, which lead me to believe that alice by the moon would be much the same but its not, the checks have sat down put their thinking caps on and written good clean rock songs. the whole album is a lot more polished and although i still had my doubts, after listening to the whole thing a few times i was sold. just when i as begining to think rock/alt rock was dead an album like this pops up. a few songs to give a listen are ‘ballroom baby’, ‘you and me’ and ‘back of the restaurant’.

2. animal collective – feels

what can i say, animal collective is coming to little old new zealands shores so im listening to all their greatest albums and feels has really grown on me. with tracks like ‘did you see the words’, ‘grass’ and ‘the purple bottle’ feels is a second equal album with strawberry jam, which are both slightly behind their 2009 album ‘merriweather post pavilion’.

3. dan deacon – bromst

dan deacons bromst is a bit of a change from the other albums on rotation with a kick to the head through loud electro synths and keyboards. this is the album to wake you back up when you feel your self dozing off in the middle of work.

4. family cactus – come howling
Family Cactus - Come Howling

as stated in my review of come howling this is one of new zealands best albums of 2009. with a nice blusey/rock sound family cactus is a band to watch. check out tracks ‘kingmaker’, ‘come howling’ and ‘in transit’.

5. volcano choir – unmap

unmap is the new album by bon iver’s justin vernon. you might find these old friends also frequenting records and stages under different monikers, collections of colonies of bees and bon iver. the collaboration predates the meteoric rise of justin vernon’s bon iver project, with original songwriting dating back to the summer of 2005. this 6 piece band sounds like a slower more distorted bon iver with the stand out track ‘island, is’.


i still cant believe it, after all week thinking that they had cancelled mystery girl announces ac are destined to hit aucklands powerstation on the 8th of december.

to celebrate heres summertime clothes, enjoy:


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