“noise medicine” is a Wellington, New Zealand based music blog founded by Rowan Parkinson in the Autumn of 2009. I started the blog as a twenty-three year old with a passion for music. It started out as a way for me to show my friends what music I was listening to.

Pretty much the only reason I started writing this blog was because a lot of the music blogs i follow have good posts and a lot of bad posts, so this blog is everything i like in music. I realise I don’t have the best music taste as everyone’s taste is very different but i feel i have a wide range covered and always give anything a listen.

At the moment this is just a test, I’m just getting used to blogging. If there haven’t been posts in days it may not be because I’ve finished blogging but because I haven’t found anything worth blogging about so please bare with me.

Also I’m not the best at writing and editing so I’m trying the best I can.

I hope this blog helps out a little in experiencing everyone to some different bands.

If you are interested in advertising on “noise medicine” or have any queries you can contact me at rowan.parkinson@gmail.com.

This blog was started and run by Rowan Parkinson.
Main header designed by Laura O’Connor: lauras: illo scribble

Thanks Rowan


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