lcd soundsystem london sessions leaked

November 9, 2010

LCD Soundsystem could’ve spent the week after they played the Glastonbury Festival kicking their feet up. Instead, they holed up in a London studio to record the live-in-studio LP The London Sessions.

This album has it all, songs ranging from This is Happening all the way down to their self titled album, LCD Soundsystem.

Even though they basically make electronic dance music, LCD refuse to replicate any of their sounds with computers; you won’t see a laptop onstage with them. Instead, they bash things out the hard way. James Murphy, as I’ve previously stated is “the man”, it will be sad to see this great project come to an end but all is not lost as Murphy will carry on producing and remixing other amazing bands.

The digital release November 9 via DFA/Virgin. This LP will be exclusively available through iTunes until December 6.

01. us v them
02. all i want
03. drunk girls
04. get innocuous
05. daft punk is playing at my house
06. all my friends
07. pow pow
08. i can change
09. yr city’s a sucker

lcd soundsystem – the london sessions



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