deerhunter leaked

September 23, 2010

Deerhunter have become one of my favorite bands of our generation simply because of Microcastle, it is amazing. So understandably I was frothing at the mouth in anticipation for their 2010 release Halcyon Digest, and with only a couple of listens I can already see this is going to live up to the hype I had for it.

Since their debut album Turn It Up Faggot the band has grown and adapted with the end result being a nice clean original sound which I could now recognize anywhere.

The album starts out with ‘Earthquake’ which slowly brings the listener into the subdued, dream like feel of the album. The albums stand out tracks are ‘Don’t Cry’, ‘Revival’, ‘Helicopter’ and ‘Fountain Stairs’ (personal opinion) with ‘Revival’ and ‘Helicopter’ being the first two singles.

I had the privilege of seeing them last year. The show left myself and the rest of the crowd gobsmacked. For the encore they ended up playing ‘Microcastle’ as per my request.

01. earthquake
02. don’t cry
03. revival
04. sailing
05. memory boy
06. desire lines
07. basement scene
08. helicopter
09. fountain stairs
10. coronado
11. he would have laughed

deerhunter – halcyon digest

Below is the official video for ‘Helicopter’ which once again portrays a dream like feel with the lead singer, Bradford Cox’s face super imposed over a series of black & white images:



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