kiss with a fist

August 2, 2010

Last Thursday (29/07/10) I took a trip up to Auckland to attend the Florence + the Machine concert. With supporting acts The Drums (USA) and The Naked and Famous (NZ), this was a show I didn’t want to miss out on, so a 2.5 hour trip there and back home was what was needed in order to be back at work for Friday. Needless to say my Friday wasn’t too productive.

The Naked and Famous had just started their set upon my arrival. This band’s fan base is growing by the day mainly because of their latest single ‘Young Blood’ which has been played by every radio station throughout New Zealand. Anyway their set was very good and didn’t miss a beat, ‘Young Blood’ being the crowd pleaser.

The Drums were on next and were nothing short of amazing. I have been closely following this band since I found out they were supporting Florence back in March. The set was cut short because they had to get the stage ready for Florence which was disappointing as there were a few songs that I would have liked to seen. However ‘Let’s go Surfing’, ‘Best Friend’ and ‘I Need Fun in My Life’ were played which kept me happy. The Drums were full of energy running around the stage and slinging guitars around, they are with out a doubt a new and fun up and coming band of 2009/2010.

So… after seeing Florence earlier this year at the Laneway Festival I knew I was in for a good time. With colorful backdrops which changed every couple of songs and birdcages placed around the stage with dimming lights inside them the stage was set and ready. Starting the set out with a bang was ‘Drumming Song’ which immediately got the crowd moving. Florence has a huge amount of energy; she was constantly in motion: twirling, leaping and jumping around the stage. Throughout the set were songs, ‘Rabbit Heart’, ‘I’m Not Calling You a Liar’, ‘Cosmic Love’ and the crowd got treated to a new song ‘Strangeness and Charm’ which will be out on her new album, before finally ending with ‘Kiss With a Fist’.

She came back out for a final encore preforming her most poppy single ‘Dog Days Are Over’ as well as her single off the Twlight Saga:Eclipse Soundtrack ‘Heavy in Your Arms’.

It was a great show and a great night, after the show I just had the drive back home to look forward to

Florence + The Machine – Kiss With A Fist:

(Photos possibly to come, if Fleur or Susan or Rob took any decent snaps that I can steal)



2 Responses to “kiss with a fist”

  1. niko said

    sounds sweet. get those capitals out of here tho..

    • Rowan said

      Croskery haha. Yea man slowing bringing capitals in, only in main content tho. Life and all that, 24 now, have to start picking up my game.

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